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Towards the end of 2018, as a 38 year old mum to an 18 month old and 3 year old I become a Cancer Mumma.

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Hi, I’m Sally.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with early bowel cancer. My beautiful, carefree and predictable life as I knew it changed in a moment. As a woman, wife, mum, daughter, friend and colleague I become a cancer patient seemingly overnight.

My journey of surgical treatment, a plethora of cancer related complications and an emotional rollercoaster unfolded. I pushed my body, mind and soul to a place of strength and determination that I didn’t know existed.

Navigating illness and recovery while caring for two young boys, maintaining a relationship, managing chronic symptoms, changes in friendship circles, processing the “why me”, ‘scanxiety’, post cancer food phobias, survivor guilt, results PTSD, end of life fears, forgiveness, body distrust, altered body image, and returning to work have all been lengthy and enlightening roads to travel.

Many lessons have been learnt along the way:

  • Modern medicine has a strong focus on physical recovery, with very limited emphasis on emotional recovery and mindset.
  • Physical and mental health are often treated as two separate entities.
  • A healthy mindset is the key to recovery.
  • There is a misconception that once a person returns home from hospital they are ‘well again’.
  • The recovery work is done at home.
  • A lot of cancer resources and funding is targeted at older adults
  • There is a gap in education for younger adults regarding nutrition, fertility preservation, cancer fog, early menopause, intimacy, relationship breakdowns, and grief.
  • There is a place for modern and holistic medicine- neither has all of the answers.

How I can help

I have combined my skills, expertise, and personal experience as a nurse come cancer patient to help mums thrive through their cancer journey and beyond.

  • I have 20 years of experience of working in private and public healthcare.
  • I am a Registered Nurse, hold a Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice, and Graduate Cert in Health Services Management.
  • I understand the business of health care well, and the parent/patient journey to recovery intimately.

My Services

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Sharing real life experiences across the cancer journey, hardships and learnings of navigating a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery


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