Working with people ‘too young’ to have bowel cancer, and the benefits of empathetic care- a patient’s perspective

Walking in a patient’s shoes, from the nurse’s perspective has been a hugely humbling and enlightening experience. Before I became a patient with my recent bowel cancer diagnosis, I would have described myself as an ‘empathetic caregiver’. Over the years I have had plenty of experience working in some of London’s busiest trauma centres. I have... Continue Reading →

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The Ultimate Hospital Bag!

Is there such a thing? If you have been in hospital for more than a night, you will know that Yes - there totally is! Planning for a hospital admission can be hugely stressful unless it's for the birth of your first child. If you have a non-emergency admission your mind is usually preoccupied with... Continue Reading →

Behind the Carer’s Cloak

The carer’s sacrifice - a note to my husband…….. my primary carer My loving husband, although you try to hide it- I see you behind your carer’s cloak. I see the sadness in your eyes, I sense the fractures in your warm heart, and I can hear the weariness in your voice as we travel... Continue Reading →

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