A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Invisible Cancer Load – ebook


Our medical team carefully explains our treatment plan, procedures, and next steps. But is it really possible to be prepared to navigate a cancer recovery? For Sally-Anne, a mother of two little boys, wife and nurse, some of her greatest recovery challenges came from what she now describes as ‘the invisible cancer load’. She found that even with her 18 years of experience in health care, some of the lesser-discussed effects of cancer became her greatest recovery challenges. The invisible load of parenting through recovery, nutrition myth-busting, exercising through symptoms, carer strain, financial strain, cancer fog, body image hurdles, end of life discussions, returning to work, and the mindset challenge of a lifetime, all needed navigation through trial and error. In her book, Sally-Anne unpacks her own recovery experience, shares words of wisdom from the cancer community and collaborates with experts to help shed light on some of the unspoken, yet greatly important impacts of cancer. If you are on your own cancer journey, or you are a health care professional seeking to understand more about the needs of women in their cancer recovery, this book is a must-read. 



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 “Having the unique experience of being both clinician and patient, Sally-Anne is able to weave together not only her personal cancer journey but also her professional knowledge. It is this multifaceted perspective that has allowed her to create such an amazing resource to help other cancer patients on their journey.” 

Dr Emily Amos, General Practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher 


 “Through her carefully researched, candid and deeply personal writing, Sally-Anne discusses issues that are important to women with cancer. Her work has a holistic focus and delves into topics which many traditional patient information resources simply gloss over”. 

Dr Lironne Wein, Medical Oncologist, Women’s Health Melbourne 


 “Cancer is a club no one ever wants to be part of. Sally-Anne has been able to capture and raise awareness of the behind the scenes of cancer that we often aren’t aware of. It was reassuring to know that my experiences were shared by other mums. The book is easy to read and relate to, and contains many useful links and practical information for mums going through cancer”. 

Lisa Davis, diagnosed with breast cancer aged 46, with children aged 7 and 10. 


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