Collaborative Power: How Health Advocates Can Make a Bigger Impact Together

A shout-out to my fellow health advocates! You are all incredible, and although you don’t know it yet, you are impacting the lives of people who are reading your story. Always remember, people won’t necessarily remember the health statistics, but they will remember you and your important story. I absolutely love working in the health […]

Why you need to do the National Bowel Cancer Screening Test

“don’t throw it in the top drawer and forget about it, read the (very well written) instructions and send it off!“ I have been nursing for over 20 years, and I have learned firsthand that it is our patients who have the most to teach us about health promotion, health service design, empathetic care, and […]

How I now prepare for my Colonoscopy


Today I am preparing for my seventh Colonoscopy! Yes seventh… at the age of 41 years! How lucky am I to have a bowel that is so well examined and cared for? Ha. This colonoscopy is a routine surveillance procedure which is checking for a reoccurrence of my bowel cancer. In all honesty, I’m actually […]

Guest Blog Post: Empowering independence in children through connection

woman with brown baby carrier and little kid in white jacket

Tips for an easier health recovery Written by Stacey Band Stacey Band holds a Bachelor of Science in Child Development, a Master Degree in Public Administration from a School of Education, and is an AMS certified Montessori Teacher. With more than 12 years of experience working with children in various capacities, she founded Home Day Hero. […]

Navigating Cancer: Understanding Relationship Strain and It’s Impact

Guest Blog Post – By Christopher Brett-Renes BPsySc, GradDipPsyc, MScMed (Sexual Health Counselling), MACA (Level 3)  Psychosexual Therapist. Associate Lecturer, Postgraduate Program in Sexual & Reproductive Health, Westmead Clinical School, University of Sydney. Expert Advisor for Healthy Male (Previously known as Andrology Australia) Ten minutes before I started writing this post, I got a call from a […]

Improving Your Nutrition After Cancer: a Simplified Approach

woman showing apple and bitten doughnut

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a cancer patient say “what should I be eating right now”, “what is the best diet to follow after my treatment”, and “I haven’t received any nutrition information from my medical team”, I would be one wealthy mumma. A quick google search on ‘cancer and […]

Steroids and Cancer Treatment

worried young woman covering face with hand

The side-effects that cancer patients experience while taking steroids during their treatment can be hugely debilitating. While steroids are prescribed to improve the tolerance of cancer treatment, for some patients the side-effects of the steroids become intolerable. The impacts of mood disturbance and insomnia (just to mention a few) can create havoc with treatment plans and regimes. Questions about “how do I reduce […]

Cancer – what we want to share with you

For most of us, the early days and weeks of a new cancer diagnosis are chaotic and confusing. There are a flurry of tests, scans, medical appointments, insurance negotiations, family admin, notifications, forward planning, phone calls, text messages, and most importantly, the emotional shit storm. This is not a time when we are able to […]

Cancer Treatment and Menopause

As I approach the three year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, I regularly reflect on the increasing depth of my understanding and insights into the cancer journey. Each year reveals a new level of awareness, a new appreciation for my journey, and mostly an admiration for the incredible women who are also walking their cancer […]

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